Hi! and welcome to my portfolio site.

Here you will find my best work, from both my professional career and personal endevours.
I call my profession "digital asset artist", as i don't like to be "cut off" by only doing one type of work.
I'm a more or less self taught artist. Works on feature films, commercials, concept art, tv series and rapid prototyping.

Programs: Maya, ZBrush, Silo, Photoshop, UV Layout

Hope you'll enjoy your visit here and like what you see.

Latest showreel on vimeo
Human brain. Professional work. 10Tons
Gromphadorhina portentosa. Professional work. 10Tons
Batman VS. Scarecrow. Personal work
Scan Model - Clay to ZBrush. Professional work. TFMUFX
Simolestes keileni. Professional work. 10Tons
Aurelia aurita. Professional work. 10Tons
Triturus cristatus. Professional work. 10Tons
Macropinna microstoma. Professional work. 10Tons
Maurolicus muelleri. Professional work. 10Tons
Magic wheelchair contest ZBC
  Willow. Personal work  
  Dragon. Personal work  
Cave duck. Personal work
Abe Sapien - B.P.R.D - fanart. Personal work
Deer echorche. Personal work
G├ątan Ragnarok. Feature film. Ghost VFX
Lunch hour. Personal work
Posing. Personal work
Anteater. Personal work
A royal Affair. Feature film. Ghost VFX
Hellboy II -The Golden Army. Feature film. Ghost VFX
Sketches. Personal project
BossBattle. Personal project
Arctic - Action hero contest. Personal project
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