Hi! and welcome to my portfolio site.

Here you will find my best work, from both my professional career and personal endevours.
I call my profession "digital asset artist", as i don't like to be "cut off" by only doing one type of work.
I'm a more or less self taught artist. Works on feature films, commercials, concept art and tv series. I hope to add more types of work to that list.

Programs: Maya, ZBrush, Silo, Photoshop, UV Layout

Hope you'll enjoy your visit here and like what you see.
  Willow. Personal work  
  Cave duck. Personal work  
Abe Sapien - B.P.R.D - fanart. Personal work
Deer echorche. Personal work
G├ątan Ragnarok. Feature film. Ghost VFX
Lunch hour. Personal work
Posing. Personal work
Anteater. Personal work
A royal Affair. Feature film. Ghost VFX
Hellboy II -The Golden Army. Feature film. Ghost VFX
Sketches. Personal project
BossBattle. Personal project
Arctic - Action hero contest. Personal project
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